Find out what your tartan is

Using a combination of expert sources we have created a database of over 20,000 surnames for you to find your own suggested tartan. Please follow the instructions below to allow you to get the maximum benefit from this facility.

Using the search tool

Simply type the name you wish to search for and then click search. Auto suggestions will appear below the box and you can click on the correct one to save time.

What if my name isn’t there?

Whilst there is no law preventing you from wearing any tartan you wish, the Caledonia tartan is generally accepted as the go to tartan for people who wish to use a Scottish tartan but don’t have their own.

What if there is more than one tartan?

Your surname could have branched out from any of the tartans shown. In the absence of genealogical information you are free to choose any of the tartans on show.

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