Our Mission

We love tartan but, whilst they have their place for formal occasions, traditional tartan wear is quite old fashioned! We wanted to bring tartan into the 21st century by using the traditional patterns but combining them with modern fabrics and fashions. We want people to wear their tartan with pride in fashionable clothing and accessories.

How we did it

After years of painstaking research on thousands of surnames and tartans, we narrowed the list down to around 200 of the most popular clan, family and district tartans from Scotland and Ireland. We then digitised the patterns using the original threadcounts and found a printing partner that would be able to bring these tartans to life using modern apparel.


We researched thousands of surnames and tartans to bring about MacTartans of Scotland.

Our team


Chris Allan

Chris is the owner/operator of MacTartans of Scotland. He has loved tartan and Scottish history since getting the book “The Clans and Tartans of Scotland” from the library when he was 10 years old. 

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Samantha Christie

Sam is currently attending Glasgow University but has been invaluable in using her research skills to help put together the database of suggested tartans.

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Marc Cunningham

Marc is a successful graphic designer and was responsible for the digitisation of the tartan patterns. This was no mean feat as the original threadcounts were designed especially for weaving looms.